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The City of Killeen is planning for improvements to Chaparral Road from SH 195 to Stillhouse Lake Road (FM 3481). The area around Chaparral Road has seen a significant increase in residents, leading to congestion and safety concerns for drivers and pedestrians. Considering this growth, the newly-constructed Chaparral High School, the many planned residential developments, and the upcoming opening of a new City middle School, the City is moving the project forward. Improvements would accommodate existing and future traffic volumes and improve safety and mobility for all roadway users, including students.

The Chaparral Road Reconstruction Project Team and the City of Killeen have reviewed public feedback, technical evaluations, and design refinements regarding the proposed realignments of Chaparral Road. Technical analysis and public feedback led to the selection of two realignments as the best solutions for Chaparral Road.

Realignment between Chaparral High School and E. Trimmier Road

The Alignment B option was selected for the realignment of Chaparral Road between Chaparral High School and E. Trimmier Road. Alignment B received the most public support, it is also the most cost efficient with minimal traffic disruptions. 

Other considerations included: 
•    Availability for futu
re land use and development 
•    Improved traffic flow 
•    Fewer expected utility relocations.   

Final Projection-Map and Legend-R1b.png
Realignment between Rosewood Drive and FM 3481 (Stillhouse Lake Road)

A third alignment option for Chaparral Road between Rosewood Drive and FM 3481 (Stillhouse Lake Road) was developed and evaluated after the public meeting to address comments received from the public and the City of Harker Heights.

This third alignment option was chosen as the preferred alignment after further evaluation and considerations. This alignment option reduces the amount of proposed right-of-way acquisition west of the Trimmier Creek bridge and shifts the alignment away from residential properties east of the bridge to address noise concerns. 

Final Projection-Inset-R1b_No Border.png

Roadway Configurations

Chaparral Typical-R1a_Killeen.jpg

Chaparral Road from SH 195 to west of Trimmier Creek

Chaparral Typical-R1a_Harker Heights.jpg

Chaparral Road from east of Trimmier Creek to Stillhouse Creek Road (FM 3481)

The roadway configuration of Chaparral Road would include two 11-foot travel lanes in each direction, a 12-foot shared-use path on both sides of the roadway, and a 16-foot raised median with landscaping and left turn lanes would be included at high-volume intersections.

The section of Chaparral Road from east of Trimmier Creek to Stillhouse Lake Road (FM 3481) would include a two-way left turn lane rather than a raised median and safety lighting would be added throughout the project limits.


Raised Medians

Over 25 cross streets intersect with Chaparral Road, which can lead to longer wait times at intersections and an increase chance of collisions. Raised medians reduce the number of potential crashes, including head-on collisions, and organize left turns into a safer flow for traffic.

The raised medians will improve traffic flow, reduce congestion, and enhance safety by providing dedicated left-turn lanes at high-volume intersections.

Intersection Improvements (Roundabouts v Signals)

While traffic signals are a safe option to manage traffic at intersections, roundabouts also pose a safe alternative that can be more efficient, cost effective long-term, and be designed to blend with the character of the community. Roundabouts have been shown to reduce crashes by up to 35% when converted from traditional intersections.

Roundabouts will also assist with turning movements as drivers maneuver around the raised median.

Timeline + Graphics-R4_Intersections.png

Roundabouts vs. Traffic Signals

The intersection improvements planned for Chaparral Road could include roundabouts, traffic signals, or a mixture of both. Decisions on the type of intersection improvements will be based on technical analysis such as traffic and crash data and public input.

Project Background and Funding

The City of Killeen has been planning to improve Chaparral Road since 2004. However, the project has not moved forward due to funding constraints. The reconstruction project was included in the City’s 2015 Thoroughfare Plan as one of their top five priority projects, and in 2022 the Killeen-Temple Metropolitan Planning Organization (KTMPO) added Chaparral Road to their Transportation Improvement Program – a list of high-priority projects in the Killeen-Temple area.

With the construction of Chaparral High School and ongoing construction of a new middle school, the City of Killeen has partnered with the City of Harker Heights, Bell County, and KTMPO to begin design on this much needed roadway. 

Roadway design is expected to be complete mid-2025 and construction could begin in late-2025.


Anticipated Timeline

Subject to change
Map & Graphics-R7_Timeline_WEB.png

Public Involvement

Public involvement is important to this process and the City of Killeen values your input. The City and the project team are meeting with property owners along the project limits and local partners to discuss project details, potential impacts, and timeline.

A public meeting was held on Thursday, April 27 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church of Trimmier (6405 Chaparral Rd, Killeen, TX 76542). Meeting materials are posted and available to view.


The project team plans to finalize the schematic design by mid-2024 and hold an additional public meeting to share updates and collect feedback. More information about the second public meeting will be shared as more information is available.

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